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We’re about not drawing boxes around things; blurring lines and perforating demarcations. We will draw boxes around our friends and enemies though, because we are at war. We are Anarchists that go to schools we want to destroy, work jobs we want to destroy, in a Society we want to destroy. We’re not sorry. We’re anti-social. Oh, and we're kind of over this whole thing they call 'civilization' too.
Finally, we are not fucking concise.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4th: Statement From ASU West

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall...
Over the last 72 hours, two actions on Arizona State University’s
West campus were taken; both of which were almost rendered
invisible to everyone other than the accused oppressors. The
actions while direct, were intentionally temporal in nature in
order to instigate a test of reactionary censorship. Our
expectations were not only fulfilled, but exceeded. Within only a
few hours time, they ripped the tape holding the written iteration
of an active dialogue straying from the norm of placating pacifist
vomit from the the walls. They brandished their knives, shredding
ropes holding banners with messages thicker than the ephemeral
echos of ‘hope’. The validation that our ideas transcribed into
words can instill fear in those we hope they would, gives reason
enough to spread them in ways that better stick. If our verbal
blueprints are taken as a threat, when the attack lashes out,
imagine the swift blow affect.
Can you hear the foundations begin to creak?

Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall...
Just as they are blind to their privilege, it is their privilege
that blinds them. The pedestal from which they work leaves them to
be the last one to hear the rumbling of the ‘subversive’ voice, the
last to see the products of hands continuously creating, the last
to smell the smoke from our sparks. This arrogance allows them to
believe that they can put all fires out by sprinkling one flame
with water, gives them the illusion that by shredding what they
don’t want to be read, they can contain anything.
The higher you sit, the farther you fall.

And all the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men couldn’t put
Humpty together again...

The events over the last 72 hours, and the ones occurring while you
read this, are only the foreshocks to the quakes that are forming.
Observe the vibrations as they begin to crack the walls, as the
glass colonial trophies of conquest begin to creep nearer to the
edge, threatening to shatter. This is the start to an intricate
series of chain reactions. We want nothing to do with attempts to
hinder the complete destruction of this violent and oppressive
While they work to glue the pieces of the shell cracked by
this week’s actions back together, you can join us in burning their

March 4th, 2010

Sprouts, Sparks, & Solidarity


  1. you guys rock. It's awesome to see this kind of thing coming out of Arizona. It doesn't matter what's been said before, as long as its from the soul, or whatever that place is that gives us passion (maybe we need a new word for it. And there is always a local inflection.
    And what to we do after it all comes down? How do we organize our lives then?

  2. "What do we do after it all comes down?" and "How do we organize our lives then?" are questions that we would LOVE to have to answer when the time comes.