What We're about:

We’re about not drawing boxes around things; blurring lines and perforating demarcations. We will draw boxes around our friends and enemies though, because we are at war. We are Anarchists that go to schools we want to destroy, work jobs we want to destroy, in a Society we want to destroy. We’re not sorry. We’re anti-social. Oh, and we're kind of over this whole thing they call 'civilization' too.
Finally, we are not fucking concise.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Our honest hope is that authors stop outright prescribing action. They may say this or that must happen or is necessary to be done; we feel this is egotistical and too willing to encapsulate ideas and actions. Not to mention it ties itself down to singular modes of thinking. This piece, as well as any past and future writing may also seem to do this. However, our intention is not to prescribe action and discuss what should be done, our intention is to open up space; space for others to draw their own conclusions and use ideas presented in ways they want. The space we explore consists of: the disbanding of the notion that Accidents are random and unexpected, the opacity of distinction between ACCIDENT and ATTACK, and how to use this new knowledge to escalate and intensify our actions. We do not wish to establish any amount of Truth. Quite the opposite: we wish to destroy commonly accepted truths. Virilio’s works, both ‘The Original Accident’ and ‘City of Panic’ challenge commonly accepted truths, which is why we have used them to our own selfish ends. With new lenses to look through regarding ACCIDENTS and ATTACKS, our hope is that both happen more frequently.

-Tim Higgins. ...So What if All the Colleges Burn Down? 2010.

From inside:

“Accidents do not exist. To believe that accidents come out of nowhere is to be blind to the nature of the Substance from which accidents arise.”

“To invent systems of domination is to invent those who violently fight to destroy them.”

“Creation or collapse, the accident is an unconscious oeuvre, an invention in the sense of uncovering what was hidden, just waiting to happen.” -paul virilio

"ACCIDENT or ATTACK? From now on, uncertainty rules..." -paul vrilio

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