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We’re about not drawing boxes around things; blurring lines and perforating demarcations. We will draw boxes around our friends and enemies though, because we are at war. We are Anarchists that go to schools we want to destroy, work jobs we want to destroy, in a Society we want to destroy. We’re not sorry. We’re anti-social. Oh, and we're kind of over this whole thing they call 'civilization' too.
Finally, we are not fucking concise.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May '68 & 'So what if all the colleges burn down?'

"Is it surprising that prisons resemble factories, schools, barracks, hospitals, which all resemble prisons?"-Michel Foucault Discipline and Punish 1977.

We decided that the month of May would be a good time to shed some light on our namesake.

"So what if all the colleges burn down?"-Graffiti on the Sorbonne, 1968.

This phrase has been echoing in our ears since we first read it on the inside of one of our favorite LPs, Hardcore Punk/Screamo band, Orchid's Self Titled LP.
This phrase is tagged in a footnote to the song "We Love Prison", whose lyrics follow:
Got time to learn?
Discipline. Discipline.
What's his face said
What's his name?
All the same
What's the date?
I can't recall a thing
Good God, dole it out

Good God, dole it out
cause I've been so bad
so bad, so bad
Good God, dole it out cause he's always home
and the belt's always off
Good God, dole it out cause I need to be told exactly
what to do
Dole it out. Dole it out. Dole it out.

This song and many others Orchid has written have opened up a lot of space to facilitate understanding and navigate the complex world of power structures and desires. We hope to explore these spaces with further writing in the future. Until then, this record is wicked, and comes highly recommended.

enjoy; but not too much...

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